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Shifting Sands At Old Mill: Elvira’s Is On The Market

The former Positano/Cafe de la Plage property is not the only one headed for a tidal shift at Old Mill Beach.

This week, Elvira’s was listed for sale.

For 20 years, the deli/grocery store/community center has held the neighborhood together.

Through hurricanes, floods and blizzards — and throughout long, lovely summers — the Yiozanakos family has provided meals, comfort and a gathering place for area residents, walkers, joggers, bicyclists, construction workers, delivery guys, and anyone else lucky enough to be down in that laidback, underrated area.

But now Nicky and Stacey are ready to retire. The next generation — Nicki and Harry — are ready for the next stage in their lives.

Elvira’s was busy — as usual — earlier today. Note the 2 dog bowls, filled with water, flanking the front door.

Parting will not be easy — for the owners, or their customers.

“This neighborhood means a lot to us,” Nicki says.

“It’s a community. We’ve been like ‘Cheers.'” (Though the Boston bar, where everyone knew your name, never let kids run family tabs.)

“It’s sad,” she adds. “But it’s time. We’ve talked about this for a while. My parents put their heart and soul into Elvira’s. I hope people understand.”

Nick and Nicki Yiozanakos — hard-working father and daughter.

The business is very successful. And it is — in every sense of the word — a family business. Cousins and other relatives help out, joining the Elvira’s community too.

There was talk of Joey Romano — of Compo and Longshore fame — taking over. But Nicky and Stacey don’t want to be landlords. They’re looking to sell.

“There’s no rush,” Nicki says. “These things take time.” Barring a sudden offer, they plan to be open through the summer.

That’s good news. There should be plenty of time left for pizza, gyros and coffee.

For warm conversation, and cold drinks.

And to say “Σας ευχαριστώ και καλή τύχη” to the entire Yiozanakos family, for all they’ve done for all of us, for 20 wonderful years.

Stacey Yiozanakos waves to a customer, in a typical pose.


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