Connecting The DOTs

When people complain about poor plowing, I’m generally ambivalent.

I don’t go full Jasper McLevy — the former Bridgeport mayor once said “God put it there, let Him take it away” — but I also don’t expect road crews to remove it all, instantly, the moment each flake hits the road.

However, an email from an alert — and very shaken — “06880” reader deserves mention. Particularly because she sent photos too.

She writes:

Conditions were icy and terrible on I-95 between 4-8 p.m. tonight.

After almost 3 hours of very slow driving (seeing numerous accidents, plus multiple cars that slid off the road), we made it from New York City to Westport.  We stopped for over an hour, hoping the roads would be treated. But no luck.

No sign of any plowing or road treatment the entire way.  The snow was light but lasted a few hours. Freezing sleet and rain worsened road conditions.

I am curious how we can find out what safety measures were taken today, since there was no sign of road crews anywhere.

It almost seems as if the Connecticut Department of Transportation hoped tonight’s predicted rain would clean up this mess, and they could save a few dollars on plowing.

I cannot believe 95 was such a mess tonight, with relatively little snow over a period of hours.

“06880” likes to believe the best in people, and organizations. So we will not go out on a limb, and suggest that any plowing decision was influenced at all by the predicted rain.

Or the fact that today was Presidents Day — meaning holiday pay.

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