Hannah DeBalsi: Sports Illustrated’s High School Athlete Of The Month

Over its 129 years, Staples High School has seen some fantastic athletes.

They’ve done amazing things — and gone on to professional careers in soccer, football, basketball, softball and other sports.

But none has gotten the Sports Illustrated “High School Athlete of the Month” treatment of Hannah DeBalsi. (In the same issue naming Serena Williams “Athlete of the Year”!)

The most highly acclaimed cross country and track star in the school’s history is the subject of a beautiful 9-minute video. Shot around Westport (and in the mist at Staples), and featuring interviews with her mother, plus coaches Amanda Morgan and Malcolm Watson, the SI segment explores Hannah’s national success and more.

It shows her running with the boys team — and tutoring a younger child in multivariable calculus.

Next fall, Hannah heads to Stanford University. For many reasons — and now, thanks to this video — Staples will never forget her.

(To see the Sports Illustrated video, click here.)

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