Hardly As High As An Elephant’s Eye

Alert “06880” reader Wendy Crowther loves Baron’s South. While walking this summer she noticed a few interesting plants growing in an odd spot, just behind the walled main entrance.

They were grouped tightly together in a 1-foot-square patch. She was fairly sure she knew what they were, but could not believe they’d appear there.

Her suspicions grew stronger when tassels sprouted from their tops. Wendy thinks they’re corn stalks.

But why?

Many years ago, Wendy tried to grow corn in her garden. She needed at least 4 rows of plants, because corn requires cross-pollination: wind blowing the pollen from the male tassels onto the female silk.

So, she says, the Baron’s South corn won’t produce a single ear.

Wendy also says the stalks are small for corn. They should have been knee high by the 4th of July.  They’re still only shoulder height.

Wendy asks: “Did someone plant these as a goof? Did a squirrel raid a backyard barbecue and make off with a few kernels to bury for winter? Are they corn look-alikes – a houseplant gone rogue?”

She thinks that “06880” readers will have the answer.

Or at least, some corny guesses.

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