Party On The Sandbar!

Today was the greatest in a series of spectacular summer Sundays: blue skies, perfect temperature, no humidity.

And at midday the tide was very, very low.

Greg Zola and Mark Leondires couldn’t have asked for better conditions for their annual Sandbar party.

The Compo Hill couple hauled pizzas, salads, fruit and cookies onto the Old Mill tidal flats. A few dozen neighbors and friends joined them and their young sons.

It was 4 hours of great fun, and spectacular views. It would have gone longer — but you know what they say about time and tide…

Party-goers walked from Old Mill beach out to the sandbar. But they had to wear shoes.

How low was the tide? Well…

Dogs are supposed to be on leash at all Westport beaches in the summer. But a wide-open sandbar beckoned…

Greg and Mark invited a great mix of people to their sandbar party.

Tommy Bahama nailed it.

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