Stop The Presses! 2 Chain Stores Offer Mom-And-Pop Service

Alert readers know that “06880” is no fan of the trend that chain stores have overrun Westport. Schaefer’s, Sally’s Place, Selective Eye = good. Banana Republic, Lululemon, Sunglass Hut = bad, if you want to reduce it to that.

But 2 experiences — in the same day — show that we should not paint all chain stores with the same (Max’s Art Supplies, RIP) brush.

This report comes from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. First he went to Cohen’s Fashion Optical in Compo Shopping Center. A lens had popped out of his glasses.

A woman told him to have a seat. A few minutes later she reappeared. It was all fixed — at no charge. They never asked if he’d bought his frame there, or if he’d even set foot in the store before. It was on the house.

Next stop: Lux Bond & Green, to replace a broken rubber watchband on his Timex heart monitor watch.

An employee spent a fair amount of time trying to find one to match the width and curve of the band, but to no avail. So she recommended another store in town — but added that it was closed that day.

Cohen’s Fashion Optical has dozens of shops up and down the East Coast (and Puerto Rico). Lux Bond & Green is spread across 3 states.

But both stores seem to understand the importance of hometown, you’re-the-only-customer-who-matters-to-us service.

And you can take that to the bank. (Though unfortunately, not to Westport Bank & Trust.)

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