Be Careful Out There!

Dick Fincher is a longtime Westporter. He cares deeply about this town, and everyone in it. He writes:

The other day, driving west on the Post Road I had the green light to turn left onto Sherwood Island Connector.  As I began turning I saw an adult (in age) male bicyclist, facing a red light, come straight on through against the turning traffic. I had to stop to avoid colliding with him.

Fifteen minutes later I was driving north on Compo Road South, toward Longshore. Two adult female cyclists blew through two consecutive stop signs with nary a pause.

These people are either stupid, feel fully entitled or have a death wish.  Unfortunately, their disregard for traffic regulations is not uncommon. In fact, it is typical of what I frequently see and must deal with while driving.

The weather is great. Bikers are out in force — sharing the road with drivers, joggers, walkers, stroller-pushers, rollerbladers and tons of other folks.

We all must look out for ourselves — and each other. Much as we’d wish otherwise, we’re not the only ones on the road.

Westport roads sometimes seem like this.

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