Cedar Point’s National Showcase Regatta

Unless you’re actually out on the Sound, most Westporters’ knowledge of regattas is limited to watching far-off boats, and hearing an occasional horn.

So most of us don’t know that Cedar Point Yacht Club is hosting a major race this month. The OneDesign series draws J/70 and Lightning class sailors from Maine to Minnesota, and abroad.

It’s gotten so large that this year it’s split into 2 parts. The races for sport boats under 26 feet were held earlier. This weekend (May 30-31), the club hosts larger boats.

Conditions were challenging in mid-May: a light rain, swirling fog, little breeze. But 170 sailors waited out the rain and fog, finally competing in a national showcase for Westport sailboat racing.

Long Island Sound can get crowded with racers. (Photo/Richard Gordon)

This crew is based in Africa. (Photo/Richard Gordon)

Bodo and Nick van der Wense, in Turbo Duck. (Photo/Richard Gordon)

Sometimes you race. Sometimes you wait. (Photo/Richard Gordon)

Bill Walker and Allan Stern of Westport in the lead. They finished 10th in the J/70 race. (Photo/Hank Sykes)

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