This Sounds Like A Very Cool Place To Visit

You and I may never have heard of TheCultureTrip. But the website — which offers “the best of art, food, culture and travel for every country” — has just named Westport to its “Top 10 Beautiful Towns in Connecticut” list.

Although no one from TheCultureTrip has, apparently, ever been here.

Here’s our writeup:

Located on the coast just 50 miles north of New York City, Westport has some of the most stunning scenery in the state. The seafront has a row of beautiful red brick buildings, their warm colour contrasting with the sparkling blue of the sea. The seafront is particularly striking during sunsets, where the light casts a wonderful warm glow onto the houses and their reflections in the water. Further into the main town, old fashioned board houses and impressive buildings dating back to colonial times line the streets, interspersed with large, fresh green spaces, perfect for lazy strolls and picnics.

There is so much BS in those 4 sentences, it’s hard to begin.

But if you’re wondering just exactly where those “beautiful red brick buildings” along our “seafront” actually are, I’m guessing they’re right here, in the photo that illustrates our listing:


And if you’re also wondering: We’re 1 of only 2 Fairfield County towns to make the cut.

The other is Greenwich.

(To see the entire “Top 10” story, click here.)

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