About Those Beach Boulders…

Alert “06880” readers have noticed earth movers and boulders on Compo Beach.

(Photo/Matt Murray)

(Photo/Matt Murray)

Don’t worry: Renovations — if they happen — are far in the future.

This is part of a long-planned shore stabilization and dredging project on the south side of the marina.

Note: Vehicle access to the west end of the beach will be restricted soon. Pedestrians can walk along the beach.


3 responses to “About Those Beach Boulders…

  1. When did we say they could mess with our beach?

  2. Thank you Dan I stopped by the very accessible Parks and Rec and they explained it all! Touchy stuff this beach renovation huh?
    Marina needs dredging and shoring up !
    It is called maintenance …. Not a complete over hall 🙂

  3. Glad they’re looking after vehicular traffic. I was there yesterday and one of those huge trucks was coming right at me going in the wrong direction on one-way section of the road.