Hit-And-Run Driver Strikes Downtown

Christ & Holy Trinity Church is a beautiful church, in the heart of downtown. They open their doors to all, in many important ways.

Which makes what happened yesterday morning even more deplorable than if it happened someplace else.

Someone tried to drive up the stairs from the parking lot to the Memorial Garden. He (or she) significantly damaged the wrought iron railings on either side of the stairway.

Church officials think the car may have gotten hung up on the step or railing. There are 2 spin marks on the ground.

Christ & Holy Trinity damage

They know it’s a Nissan since a piece of the front grill broke off. A bit of the plastic license plate frame says “Wilton.”

Keep your eye out for a Nissan — perhaps silver — with a damaged front end.

In the meantime, Christ & Holy Trinity will continue to serve all Westporters. But please: park in the lot.

5 responses to “Hit-And-Run Driver Strikes Downtown

  1. Wow, what a shame. A few years ago, just moments before the Memorial Day parade was set to pass by this church, a huge truck parked on a hill across the street somehow slipped out of gear, rolled down the hill, across the pedestrian lined street, and smashed into a section of Christ and Holy Trinity’s magnificent 19th century cast iron fence. Miraculously, no one was injured but I believe finding someone to replicate the destroyed fence section was not easy – or inexpensive. If I were the church, I would call Artistic Ironworks in Norwalk – this looks like something they would handle.

    • I was right there, at the house next door. One of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. Ten minutes later, and the sidewalk would have been jammed.

  2. We’ve had four cars stuck on stairs at our university campus in just a month.
    Rather than bad driving, I wouldn’t be surprised that it’s just another prank by the engineers.
    This incident, however, is truly sad.

    • Eric Buchroeder SHS '70

      I’ve had more relatives married and emerge on those steps over the last 80 years than I can count. I feel like their graves have been defiled.

  3. Baptised, confirmed and first communion there. Father Kennedy married my sister and I drove father Barret crazy pushing the cushions up front towards the alter. The bells were manual and the steeple was slanted. Always beautiful.