The Last Bagel: The Sequel

The last day of September was the last day for Bagel Maven.

“06880” reader Phil Nourie was one of many loyal patrons trying to help out today.

But, Phil said, time ran out. Owner Alex Perdomo rented a U-Haul, and loaded up at 5:30 p.m.

Alex said:

Even though I must leave today, I am grateful for the time I had here. The customers have been wonderful to me, they became my friends and it is my hope to stay in Westport if I can find another space soon. God bless everyone. Thank you!

At closing time, Alex’s very last bag of bagels went to a volunteer from Westport’s Home with Hope shelters. That was fitting, as he often dropped off extra bagels during his 5-year Post Road run.

Bagel Maven

9 responses to “The Last Bagel: The Sequel

  1. Julie Van Norden

    Another great local place closed. Gee, I hope we get another nail salon. Or bank. Or frozen yoghurt place. Because we don’t have enough of those.

  2. This is a tragedy! There are NO better bagels in town. Alex, please relocate soon!

  3. I loved this little bagel place…a sorta “hole in the wall” quick stop where Alex always gave great service and a smile with all his delicious bagels. Not long on decor but full of the simple pleasure of preparing comfort food and warm bagels to people on the run. Alex..we will follow you wherever you go. Thanks for providing a simple and vital service to our town and good luck.

  4. Alex – How about a Bagel Bus for the Bagel Maven? Seriously!

  5. Alex Supporters: please “Like” the Friends of Bagel Maven Alex FB page we set up. Those who want to help can send a message. We are putting together a Task Force for Alex to find him a new home in town. It will be easier with your help. Thanks. – Phil

  6. Alex Supporters: Everyone deserves a second chance – Alex has a family to feed. Many of you have already stepped up, offering all kinds of help. We need to act fast. If you know of anyone who has relationships with real estate owners/developers/legal, etc. let us know.

  7. Alex at Bagel Maven will be sorely missed. He became a weekly trek for us on the way to the beach. I can’t believe he is gone….and with any hope he will find a new location close by. Take care Alex.

  8. Tina Piccolino

    We will truly miss Alex and the Bagel Maven. I hope he is able to set up shop again. A gentleman who was talking to Alex yesterday told me he heard a rumor that Village Bagels was responsible for pushing him out and they will be taking over the space. I’m so sad for Alex and his family.

  9. Newsflash – at least three Westporters have stepped up this AM to try to find a new home for Alex’s shop. Stay tuned on Facebook page: “Friends of Bagel Maven Alex”. You can send a message on that page to help. Together, we can turn an unfortunate situation into an inspiring story!