Gloria Floats Away

John Kantor reports that “Gloria” — Westport’s beloved oyster boat — broke her mooring off his Longshore Sailing School Friday night. She drifted onto nearby Hendrick’s Point.

Her owner — oysterman Alan Sterling — died in early July.

Gloria’s been on her own ever since.

(Photo/John Kantor)

(Photo/John Kantor)

6 responses to “Gloria Floats Away

  1. Bruce Mcfadden

    So sad. Alan purchased the new Honda engine for his beloved Gloria a couple of years ago. If there are no heirs, it would be nice if the outboard could be sold and the proceeds used to place a bench & plaque at the ER Strait Marina in his memory. Alan was probably the last commercial fisherman in Westport.

    • The last conversation I had with Alan, just after he sold rights To oyster beds, he expressed that his brother was his only living heir. If his brother has any problem establishing that I hope he gets on this blog and leaves his contact information; I would share with him where alan last told me he was leaving his last will & testament and how to access it.

  2. Michael Calise

    Attorney Todd Keenan, a long time friend of Alan’s, is handling his affairs

  3. So sad…. He was a real gentleman. Maybe Gloria could be skuttled somewhere to make a great fort/jungle gym for kids? Cedar Point? Rocky Beach at Compo? I don’t think ti would take much to mat her safe for kids!!!!! Any ideas out there?

  4. So sad…nothing or nobody should ever be left so on their own…

  5. This is indeed somewhat sad, but perhaps this man was happy, exactly how everything in his life was, and it’s our own projections into this that makes it seem a lonely or bereft situation?
    I do like the idea of repurposing this clam boat somehow.
    Me thinks there’s a good movie script in here somewhere – like an Old Man and The Sea type of genre! What say you, Play-writers? Adam Marcus’s? Local up and comings? Claudine Brantley perhaps? Latent Westport talents?
    Well, anyway, kudos to Kantor for the info and getting that great shot of the stranded boat.