We’re #12! But We Are Definitely Not Little Rock.

Westport — well, “Fairfield County, Conn.” (okay, actually the Bridgeport-Fairfield-Norwalk corridor) — is #12 on Forbes’ list of “America’s Best Cities for Young Professionals.”

Forbes cited these statistics:

Population: 939,904
Median Salary: $63,600
Unemployment rate: 6.2%
Population with bachelor’s degree: 44.6%
Cost of living index: 136.9
Avg. Yearly Job Growth (2014-2016): 2.0%
Companies with 500+ employees: 1 for every 910 people
Companies with <500 employees: 1 for every 42.36 people

All well and good. Except for the photo that illustrates “Fairfield County”:

Little Rock

That is not Norwalk. It’s not Stamford. And it’s definitely not Bridgeport.

It’s Little Rock, Arkansas.

PS: The odds you’ll get the top 3 are infinitesimal. They are, in order:

  1. Des Moines
  2. Raleigh
  3. Omaha
(Hat tip to Peter Propp) 

4 responses to “We’re #12! But We Are Definitely Not Little Rock.

  1. Robert Mitchell

    Hey! What do you want? Quality control is expensive.
    BTW, Raleigh is not so surprising. Des Moines????

  2. I would rather live in Westport then any of those other ciities 🙂

  3. Nancy W Hunter

    Whether the study is accurate, or not, it’s a good reminder to new grads that finding work far away from “home” is quite often a necessary experience in order to find a preferable job closer to “home”.

  4. I lived in the Raleigh area for a while…its a nice city people very friendly!