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Here Comes The Sun? Ed Paul Is Not So Sure.

This morning’s “06880” post involved energy costs. This one does too — specifically, solar.

Solar energy is getting plenty of press. His curiosity piqued, alert “06880” reader Ed Paul signed up with Westport’s Green Task Force. He wanted to learn about installing solar panels at his house.

A company called Astrum provided a proposal. Ed was stunned at the cost: over $51,000 — after rebates and incentives.

Based on his current CL&P bill, the system would save about $3,500 a year. At that rate, it would take over 14 years just to break even.

And, Ed notes, “it seems that solar panels have a limited life span. They start to lose efficiency after 10 or 15 years.”

This Westport home was retrofitted with a 5 kW solar system using 225 watt solar panels. It won an award — but is it cost-efficient? (Photo courtesy of SunPower)

He wonders if his situation is unique. He’d like to hear from other “06880” readers. If you’ve gone solar, did you do it save money? Or was it simply an environmental-based decision?

“I’d love feedback from solar users on their experiences and cost savings,” Ed says.

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