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Staples Soccer Website And Fields Will Be “World Cup Central”

A good number of Westporters are heading to Brazil for the World Cup. Most of us, unfortunately, will stay home.

But the World Cup comes to Westport — all tournament long — via the website, and at a special June 22 event.

The “World Cup” link at the top of the website leads to contests, trivia, history, blogs from players and alums who are in Brazil — you name it, it’s there.

The 1st 2 contests — to guess the finish of all 8 1st-round groups, and pick the starting lineup for the 1st US game — are already underway. Prizes are ASF gift certificates; the deadline is this Wednesday, June 11. Contest details are here.

There are polls too, like “Who will win the World Cup?” and “What do you think about Landon Donovan being left off the US team?” The polls are here.’s pages also include trivia and fun facts (updated daily).

The website is for all of Westport — and soccer fans everywhere. To add something to the World Cup pages — or submit stories and photos when you’re in Brazil — email

Meanwhile, on June 22, Staples boys soccer is sponsoring a “Westport World Cup” day. At 3:15 p.m., elementary and middle school players will enjoy mini-games, an obstacle course, speed gun and penalty kick contest and more, at the Staples athletic fields.

At 5 p.m. there are food trucks; at 6 p.m., the US-Portugal game will be shown on a big screen in the auditorium. At halftime, the raffle winner — for a unique, behind-the-scenes tour of ESPN with World Cup broadcaster Jeremy Schaap — will be chosen. Sign up now for one or all of the June 22 events.

You (probably) can’t be in Brazil. But the Staples boys soccer program brings  Brazil to you.

Staples boys soccer players enjoy helping the next generation of players. Last fall Sterling Price, Patrick Beusse, Charlie Leonard and Steven Sobel hung out with WSA players at Burr Farms Field.

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