Downtown “Visioning Workshop” Set For Saturday; Everyone Is Invited!

No matter what you think about the downtown survey (if you missed it, click on our previous post), one downtown fact is indisputable: a “Visioning Workshop” will be held this Saturday (June 7, 12:30-4:30 p.m., Bedford Middle School.

It’s planned to be “highly visual and interactive, so residents can discuss topics, share opinions and make clear, thoughtful choices about what’s appropriate for downtown, what might make it more successful and vibrant, and how it can better serve residents of all ages.”

The keystone of the event — “Downtown 101: Streets, Buildings, Places” — is a roundtable exercise. Participants view, discuss and rate various concepts.

It’s our downtown. Everyone’s input is welcome.

Who knows? One of the ideas may be a community center, so a meeting about downtown doesn’t have to take place in a middle school on the outskirts of town.

What should stay — and what should go — downtown? Make your voice heard on Saturday.



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