Little League Addresses Misappropriation Of Funds

Less than a year ago, Westport Little League made huge news with the All-Stars’ run to the national championship game.

Today, the baseball news is less good. Jeff White, chairman of Westport Baseball & Softball, issued this statement tonight:

Westport Baseball & Softball has a long and successful history of serving our community.  We are proud of what our children have accomplished over the years, and the Board of Directors takes all aspects of our work seriously.

Recently, the Board began an internal investigation into allegations that one of our Board members misappropriated funds in multiple ways for his personal gain.  As a result of the investigation, the Board made a unanimous decision to turn the matter over to the Westport Police Department to investigate further, and this matter is now in their hands.  The Board member has resigned, and is no longer affiliated with Westport Baseball & Softball.  The expenditures in question will not hinder our operations and commitment in any way.

Since learning of the situation, and in order to protect Westport Baseball & Softball for the long term, we have made several improvements, including new financial procedures and improved ways to review and approve reimbursements and expenditures.

Westport Baseball & Softball will continue to deliver all of the popular, broad-based programs that we always have. With the weather starting to break and a new season on the horizon, we look forward to another fun, productive, successful year for our more than 1200 children.

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