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“Jackass”: Starbucks Parking Lot Edition

In the TV show “Jackass,” contestants tried to outdo previous dangerous, dumb and antisocial stunts.

In Westport’s Post Road Starbucks version of the game, drivers engage in increasingly rude, self-centered, entitled behavior.

First they park on the grass. Then they block one of the entrance/exit lanes.

Yesterday, it came to this:

The driver just stopped. Plopped her car in the middle of the lot. And waltzed into Starbucks, preventing everyone else from getting around.

Diane Lowman — who took the photo — told the driver when she returned, “This was a really inappropriate place to park.”

The driver got nasty. Diane took a picture of the car and plate, and called the police. The driver accused Diane of threatening and harassing her.

Diane adds, “The police officer (who was very nice, and whose time I felt badly about wasting ) said they are called daily to this location, which should never have been zoned for so many cars in the first place. He said he’s made several arrests over belligerent confrontations.”

And, Diane says, “Starbucks says it has no control over the lot, as it doesn’t own the building.”

So, she wonders: “Whose ‘problem’ is this to address, and solve?”


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