The “Art” Of Detective Rocke

Jak Kovatch is a noted painter, printmaker and sculptor. A longtime Westporter, in 2013 he earned the town’s “Lifetime Achievement Award for Art.”

Recently, several of his paintings, etchings and lithographs were stolen from his home.

The Westport Police Department quickly solved the case. With the help of New York City cops, they also found the works themselves — not long before they might have been shipped and lost.

Kovatch asked “06880” to thank the Westport police — particularly Detective John Rocke — publicly. “Their additional follow-through on this case for me was unexpected and very much appreciated,” he says.

The artist is thrilled. The art is now back home. And the art of crime-solving is being applied to a new case, by our fine Westport Police Department.

This diptych by Jak Kovatch was one of the items recovered by the Westport Police.

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