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Remembering Michael Goodgame, In Photos

Michael Goodgame — the 2011 Staples grad who was killed Friday, in an icy automobile accident in Minnesota — was many things.

He was a Carleton College junior, majoring in political science and interested in lowering the vicious tempers in Washington. He was a talented writer for the school newspaper (he’d done his senior internship at Staples with Write Yourself Free).

He was a swimmer, an Ultimate Frisbee player (on his way to a tournament at Stanford when he died), an avid traveler, and a compassionate, caring, fun-loving good friend.

Michael Goodgame was 20 years old. He had a whole life yet to live.

Michael Goodgame, with a good Carleton College friend.

Savoring Europe.

Michael Goodgame (far right) with his brothers Sam and Clayton, on a family trip to Lake Como.

Michael Goodgame, the Ultimate player.

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