Stupid Parking Tricks (Balducci’s Edition)

An alert “06880” reader spotted this one the other day:

Parking - Balduccis

Here’s the story behind the photo:

In the Balducci’s parking lot, I saw this young guy drive this SUV Cadillac Escalade into a spot next to a Volvo wagon. There was nothing in front of his car (no snow bank or anything). He turned right into the spot, stopped the car, got out and walked into Balducci’s, not even turning around to look.

Had he taken a moment, he would have easily been able to straighten his car, allowing some space between his and the car next to it.

I waited around. A woman came out. She struggled to get into her car and back it out.

A couple of people wrote obscenities in the dirt on the guy’s car. When he came out he looked at the obscenities, got into his SUV and drove off. I guess he’s proud that he has achieved this status in life: entitlement.

18 responses to “Stupid Parking Tricks (Balducci’s Edition)

  1. He’s lucky she didn’t “key” him.

  2. Dear Dan,

    Is there any way you can reveal the names of Westport’s arrogantly impolite parkers? Could you work in conjunction with the police department to get names from license plate numbers? Unlikely, I know. How about, since you saw the guy at Balducci’s come out, you accuse him of ill manners and take a picture of him the instant his face turns ugly with rage. In that case, you don’t need his name; just his face would be sufficient identification.

    These parking violations really strike a cord with me, and I think that, if there’s any way possible, you should identify the guilty sons of bitches by more than just their license plates. The person who parked sideways across two handicapped spots a month or so ago should have his or her picture on a wanted poster at the post office.


    • Sorry, I think I’ll pass on this one. If people are willing to act like this in public, there’s no telling what they’ll do in private.

      On a side note: I was not the one who saw the guy at Balducci’s. This was sent to me by an alert “06880” reader.”

  3. In this situation I am fully in favor of “Keying”. Another quick solution is to carry a small spray can of black paint which could quietly applied to driver’s side of windshield.
    These people are despicable.

  4. Holly Wheeler

    This has happened to me several times, some jerk parking next to me so closely that I could not get into my car. I had to go into several stores and ask, “is there someone in here with a blue chevy” until I found the perp. Then they act like it’s MY problem that they have to move their car. AARRGGGHHHHH. Think, people. And be considerate.

  5. Sadly- this type of inconsideration for others has become a part of our culture. This cro magnum man didn’t give a thought about the other driver having to climb into her car from the passenger side. AND- just think- now he is probably out driving around Westport or the Merritt or 95 – tailgaiting everyone because his car is bigger and better than yours and he is obviously entitled to be ahead of you – in his rush to get to his next parking space!!

  6. Unfortunately, the younger the entitled, the more clueless they are as this is all these people have every known from the cradle on. Starts at home around the dinner table. So someone told this young guy he’s super special and he gets to go to the head of the line. It’s all over the country — not just Westport. But these are still my favorite Dan posts — sorry but very entertaining from afar. 🙂

  7. I agree with BJ…I don’t live there anymore, but I see this herein SoCal too. It all goes back to upbringing or lack of it. I was always taught to be polite, say thank you and please, to think about the other person first…Obviously these jerks either were never taught these simple rules of life or just don’t care…in traffic they cut you off, tail gate you and then flip you the bird!

  8. Too bad the DMV doesn’t require proof of civility or sanity as a part of getting and renewing your license. The only question is how did this guy passed the eye test- obviously he can’t see beyond the end of his nose!!

    I don’t want to pile on this guy- and no doubt he has a perfectly plausible excuse- but this has happened to me more than once and this is my venting!!.

  9. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Keying, writing obscenities… why not through a couple dozen eggs?
    Get over it.

  10. Hedi Lieberman

    I think it’s enough of the parking photos !!!! Dan let’s talk about the weather!!!!!

  11. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I agree with Hedi. The parking stories have gotten me so riled that I can’t seem to spell. Why not revisit Obamacare? Just kidding.

  12. I lived in Westport a long time ago. Clues: My son graduated from Staples in ’77 and my daughter in ’79. Cats were still running free in the Remarkable Book Shop, Mr. Klein was still showing up in his store every day, Soup’s On was serving great soup, and Paul Newman was still cruising around in his 300 horsepower beetle waiting for an idiot to challenge him at a stop sign. He was truly a Renaissance Man. As to rude parkers, I favor Ed Simek’s suggestion. Immediate punishment!

  13. Loretta Hallock

    What about people who just walk out onto the street without looking. It’s amazing that more pedestrians are not hit.

    • Come on, Loretta — you don’t expect people to be able to talk on their cell phones AND pay attention at the same time, do you?!

  14. Stephanie Bass

    Let’s organize this: everyone put a pig sign underthe windshield wiper of every inconsiderate parker. I used to do this; it really makes you feel good and it’s not illegal. Look around first to be sure the miscreant (sp?) is not around.