The Real Housewives Of Westport

Mike Kulich once again nails it.

The 2004 Staples High School grad — and porn industry titan, as owner and CEO of Assence Films — is about to release a new video:

Mike Kulich video

Note the special hometown touch: the cannon.

It’s coming in February.

20 responses to “The Real Housewives Of Westport

  1. Now thats something everyone can be proud of. Maybe he can give entrepreneurial lectures to the Staples 10th graders. Remember when many were aghast at The Stepford Wives, at least Marilyn moved to the left coast and was always protective of her beloved hometown.

  2. Nice local touch having the cannon in that promo picture; I guess the “minute man” statue wouldn’t have worked, given the genre

  3. A. David Wunsch

    There is an ugly blatant racial subtext to this,with a long history. I wonder if other readers of this blog found it as disturbing as I do. That poster might have come from the Ku Klux Klan or a remaking of Birth of a Nation..
    A. David Wunsch
    Staples High School 1956

  4. chou chou merrill - Staples 70'

    Dan! Was “It’s coming in February” a pun?

  5. robert fatherley

    Give me a break…her body is not worth it…Julie Fatherley

  6. Georgiana Platt

    Gentlemen, by coincidence, I just looked at this video this morning. I agree it’s preachy, but honestly, think about the bottom line to this project, and how it relates to this industry. Porn shows up somehow or another in everyone’s life, but think of its ramifications.

  7. Keep us posted–Hysterical!    Lori Alliances With Lori, 

  8. Is this for real? If it is it’s actually pretty funny for a few reasons

  9. We must assume there will be at least one lovemaking scene set in a badly parked SUV in front of Trader Joe’s.

  10. Bobbie Herman

    And Westport is supposed to be proud of this?

  11. Haven’t been home in a while, but judging from the comments above apparently Westport lost it’s sense of humor along with it’s 200 year old victorians. Damn shame.

  12. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Westport has had its escapades and silliness throughout the decades… Some have made the news some have not…. But a sexploit of our fair town blasphemy!!! Wink wink…. Best part this fiction will pale to the truth of what’s happened, Behind Our Green Doors …. To many Mommies have done wetspot and Daddies have thought they were Sherlock John Holmes…. Damn funny when you really think about it

  13. Hedi Lieberman

    While I don’t expect this to be shown at The Overcoat Series at the Library, I think it is pretty cool that Mike is achieving his goals and even cooler that you are blogging about it! Thanks Dan.