Woodmen Don’t Spare Westport Trees

The Longshore trees have been granted a temporary reprieve.

But before 2013 is consigned to the compost heap of history, let’s look back on some other Westport trees that are now just a memory.

Judy James maintains a Facebook album called “In Memoriam — Westport Trees.” She writes:

An urban forest provides great value in many different areas, such as increased resale values for residential properties, savings from decreased heating and cooling costs, reduction of air pollution, and control of erosion from storm water runoff. It has been estimated that a tree with a 50-year life span provides nearly $60,000 of benefit over its lifetime.

There’s no indication how many of the trees below were older than 50 years, or diseased or dangerous. But here are 4 photos Judy posted, to show how dramatically the removal of just a couple of trees can change a landscape.

These trees — at the intersection of aptly named Cedar Road and the Post Road — were cut down to make way for the new building replacing the Cedar Brook Cafe.

All it took was the removal of one tree to dramatically change the look of McDonald’s.

Last summer saw the removal of a couple of trees that long stood near People’s Bank, on the corner of the Post Road and North Compo.

Two views of the same spot, on South Compo Road.

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