Santa Visits Railroad Parking

Alert — and surprised — “06880” reader Bart Shuldman sends this story along:

Last Friday I had an early meeting in New York. I’m not a commuter, so I went to Morton’s private parking area. It was 6 a.m, and no one was there to accept my payment. So I drove to the other private lot, the one closer to the train station.

Again there was no attendant.  However, a sign said if there was no attendant, put $15 in the box by the sign. I did not have exact change, so I put $20 in the box. I figured it was much better to spend an additional $5 than park in the public lot and get a ticket.

When I returned around 5:30 p.m., I noticed an envelope stuck to the driver’s side window. I worried I had gotten a ticket. How would they know which cars put money in their box?

Much to my surprise, the envelope contained a $5 bill — change from my $20!  How they knew it was my car, I’ll never know.  But in the Christmas spirit, I hope this “06880” post can say thank you!

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