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FedEx, UPS: Both Flunk Parking

An alert “06880” reader — who requests anonymity, because she still wants to receive packages at her home — says:

I was walking to  Sweet Frog the other day, when this UPS driver jerk dangerously cut me off. He drove and parked the wrong way in the 1-way lane — and in the fire lane.

I said, “Hey, did you know this is 1-way,  and you cut me off right in front of the frozen yogurt place where children go? This is very dangerous!” He walked away saying, “yeah yeah,” totally dismissing me.  So I took this picture, and went back to my car to email it to you explaining what happened.

Well, within a minute a FedEx truck came and did the exact same thing — driving the wrong way in the 1-way lane and parking in the fire lane. Unbelievable! So I took that picture too.

Hey! The US Postal Service mailbox is there — but they were nowhere to be seen. They couldn’t even be bothered to park the wrong way.

No wonder they’re bankrupt.

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