Stop The Presses! A Bank CLOSES In Westport

“Westport” is a Native American word meaning “land of 10,000 banks.”

However — for the 1st time since Horace Staples opened the First National Bank  in National Hall — a bank is closing, rather than opening, here.

TD Bank is shutting its Saugatuck branch — the former Westport Bank & Trust office opposite Luciano Park. Customers are advised to use TD’s Norwalk branch, near Petco.  (So much for their tagline: “America’s Most Convenient Bank.”)

It’s an odd decision. New apartments are opening in Saugatuck, new businesses are moving in — and TD is the only bank in the area.

However, here’s some positive news to bank on: A sign in the Gault apartments on the west side of Riverside Avenue promises a new gourmet market soon.

If they’re smart, they’ll stick an ATM near their fresh produce, specialty sandwiches and lovingly cured meats.

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