Simon And Garfunkel’s Local Tour

Simon and Garfunkel made great music together. They also were not particularly fond of each other, and have spent the bulk of their careers breaking up and reuniting.

This past weekend, both were in this area. Separately, of course.

Paul Simon had dinner at The Whelk. It was a summer weekend night, so like everyone else he had to wait for a table. No word on whether he ordered a dish with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

A few miles away, Art Garfunkel was rehearsing his new act at the Wilton Library. He sang “Scarborough Fair,” “The Boxer” and — perhaps in deference to the library location — “The Sounds of Silence.”

Simon and Garfunkel have both gone off — separately — to look for America.

Or at least, southern Fairfield County.

Simon and Garfunkel (above, Garfunkel and Simon) harmonized beautifully. They were not always looking at each other, however.

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