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The Beach Goes On

Living at the beach is a dream.

Until something like Hurricane Sandy turns it into a nightmare.

But Compo, Old Mill and other shoreline residents say it’s worth it. They’re used to challenges.

They adapt.

These owners are already back home…

They’re raising their homes to FEMA standards. They’re gaining safety (and maybe a garage underneath).

Plus — this is Sandy’s dark cloud/silver lining — they now enjoy fantastic new views.

…and so are these.

Some homes are not fixable. In their place, owners build stronger houses.

Other homes are, or will soon be, up for sale. (Like Betsy and Dan Kahn’s — she provided these fantastic photos.)

A house near Compo Beach being raised…

…and 2 more at Old Mill Beach.

Many residents have lived elsewhere for the past 9 months, or huddled in only part of their under-renovation house. The wait, they say, will be worth it.

And beach life will be better than ever.

Some houses couldn’t be saved…

…but new homes — like this one on Danbury Avenue — are going up quickly.

And on Compo Cove, many houses are still being raised. (Photos by Betsy P. Kahn)

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