Compo Acres Paint Palette

The other day, alert “06880” reader Suzanne Sherman Propp noticed something.

Or, more accurately, she noticed something missing.

It was the “paint palette” sign at Compo Acres Shopping Center.

For decades it’s stood at the very-tough-to-maneuver entrance, on the corner of Post Road and South Compo.

I would say “next to Patriot Bank,” but no one in the history of finance has ever been there. So I’ll say “next to where Sam Goody’s used to be,” and hope you get the reference.

The “paint palette” sign was straight out of the 1950s, when the shopping center was built (obviously, from the parking situation). The sign was there when folks ate at Morris’s luncheonette (closed — like every other “luncheonette” in the world), bought toys at Carousel (burned to the ground), and shopped at Franklin Simon (gone to that great retail space in the sky).

Now the sign has disappeared too.

That would be the end of this blog post, except I needed a photo of it. I looked in all the usual places (Google Images, Facebook), and then the unusual (the website of the property owner).

Without a shot of the sign, I couldn’t run this story.

Suzanne’s friend Anne Hardy came to the rescue. She wracked her brain, thought of Google Maps Street View — and, voilà!

No, it’s not the greatest photo in the world.

But after sitting there for more than half a century, this may be the only evidence of the “paint palette” sign to be found, online or off.

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