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Sherry Jagerson: Booked For Kenya

Sherry Jagerson was one of several determined Westporters who shepherded the Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve into existence. She continues to work tirelessly to keep it healthy, and open to all Westporters.

Now she’s gearing up for a very different volunteer effort, thousands of miles away.

Sherry and and her granddaughter Adelaide Fowle — a Staples sophomore — are heading to Kenya. They’ll help build water filtration systems in a village called Chepsaita.

With their group — United With Kenya — they’ll also help build a library. For months Sherry has scoured Fairfield County, trying to get as many books as possible to send there.

FedEx is shipping them for free, at the end of May. So Sherry and Adelaide are in their final push for donated books. The deadline is May 21.

If you’ve got any — and what better way to spur some spring cleaning! — email She’ll arrange a pick-up or drop-off for this very worthwhile project.

Sherry Jagerson, with a car full of books.

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