Charlie Greenwald: Report From The Boston Marathon

Charlie Greenwald graduated last June from Staples. Now a communications student at Emerson College, he joined nearly everyone at school today to watch the Boston Marathon. The route and finish line were just a couple of blocks away.

“Everyone was in high spirits,” Charlie reports. “The runners and their families and friends were full of joy.

“After going for a run himself, Charlie showered. He did not hear the explosions, but in his dorm room he heard sirens.

Police react immediately after today’s explosion. This photo, taken by John Tlumacki, was tweeted by Boston Globe Sports. (From Business Insider)

Looking out his window, he saw ambulances and police cars flying down Boylston Street.

His Facebook and Twitter feeds immediately lit up.

The entire Emerson campus immediately went to lockdown. Many students are trying to cover the event for journalism and film classes.

“We are all shocked,” Charlie says. “There’s absolute madness here in Boston. Pandemonium.

“We are all now ordered to stay inside indoors and on campus. But an hour ago, when I looked outside, the screams and tears were everywhere.”

The immediate aftermath of today’s explosion. Boston Globe reporter Steve Silva posted this photo on Facebook, with the caption, “God help us.” (Courtesy Business Insider)

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