Staples Players’ “Chorus Line” Heads To New York

Staples Players has a 55-year tradition of wowing audiences with professional-style productions.

But it was Players’ turn to be stunned tonight.

At the end of the final performance of “A Chorus Line” — after thunderous applause for the cast, crew, pit orchestra, choreographers and directors — Marvin Hamlisch’s widow came on stage.

She saw the matinee earlier today, then stayed for the 2nd show. She praised everyone profusely, then mentioned that her late husband — who wrote the music to the show — will be honored on his birthday this June with a gala performance in New York.

Dozens of Broadway stars will be there — and now, thanks to her invitation, so will Staples Players.

You can’t ask for a more dramatic finish — or a more well-deserved encore — than that.

The “Chorus Line” cast. (Photo by Kerry Long)

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