As If Newspapers Don’t Have Enough Problems…

Yesterday I went to the Merritt Country Store — next to Coffee An’ and Crossroads Hardware — to buy my Westport News.

(Yes, I’ve written for them since Ben Franklin set type. And I still have to pay for it.)

I plunked down my 55 cents. An odd price, yeah, but that’s what it costs.

“65 cents,” said the guy behind the counter.

“No. It’s 55 cents,” I told him. I should know — it’s my paper.

“65,” he repeated. “That’s what my boss says. I just work here.”

“What about other papers?” I asked. “Do you charge more for them than you’re supposed to, too?”

“Yes,” he said. “Except the New York Times.

He paused. “I just work here,” he repeated.

I know, I know. It’s not the biggest markup I’ve ever seen.

But it’s definitely the weirdest.

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