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Missing Cat Alert

I refuse every “missing cat/dog” request (except Andy — hey, that was national news).

I didn’t do anything on the pit bulls last week, because everyone got the Red Alert.

But — for various reasons, as you’ll see — this one tugged at my heartstrings.

Here’s an email I just got from Betsy Phillips Kahn:

I ran into a woman named Donna.  She lives at Compo Beach — the end of Norwalk Avenue, near Bradley. She is displaced after the hurricane, waiting on FEMA.

Not the missing cat. But a black cat nonetheless.

But she comes to her house daily to feed and tend her 2 cats. One has disappeared. It is so cold, and she was so worried. I told her I would look, and spread the word.

If anyone has seen a little black cat around the beach, please try to catch him and hold him until I see her. It won’t be that long. She comes every day.

You can call me at 203-222-9693, or email me:

She seemed so sad, and it’s freezing.

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