Y Sets Groundbreaking, Demolition And Construction Plans

The new Westport Y at Mahackeno is moving much closer to reality.

The Y emailed a press release minutes ago. They’ve announced a February 5 groundbreaking — and included photos of prep work that’s already begun.

Tree removal is expected to begin around Thursday. Replacements will be planted by the end of the building process, along with nearly 1,000 bushes, shrubs and other plants.

A worker installs an erosion and sediment fence to prevent runoff into the Saugatuck River and Poplar Plains Brook. The tree will be protected during construction.

Another view of the erosion and sediment control barrier, just south of the Merritt Parkway bridge.

The Y expects to receive a building permit in early February, at which point excavation of the foundation will begin. Demolition of 2 homes on Sunny Lane, and work around the Merritt Parkway, will follow shortly.

The 54,000-square foot building is expected to open in November 2014.

The Camp Mahackeno arts and crafts building will be demolished early next month. It stands on the southern edge of the new Y facility, which will be built into the hillside behind. The stairs to the right lead to the parking lot adjacent to the Merritt Parkway, and roughly represent the easternmost wall of the new building.

(For more information on the Y’s building plans, click here. The Y is also holding an informational Q-and-A session on Thursday, February 7, 7:30 p.m. in its 2nd floor boardroom.)

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