The Mayans were wrong. This didn’t end on December 21.

In 2013, let’s resolve to use the time we have to make this an even better, more awesome place.

It’s the only earth we‘ve got.

16 responses to “2013!

  1. Glad about those Mayans. Happy new year, Dan.

  2. Danny , thank you!
    You are simply amazing and your blog is a joy in my life.
    Started the new year with 06880 , and shall look forward to it daily …
    Love your former neighbor seana gaherin now of sandwich & newton MA.

  3. I agree with Seana. Your blog is the awesome. A pleasure to read every day. Happy New Year!

  4. Britt Elizabeth Anderson, Class of 79

    Happy New Year to Dan and all of Westport. May Dan’s wish for a better world begin to come true in 2013!

  5. You said it!!!!
    The older I get the more it becomes apparent what a short stay we have here and our responsibility to make it a better place for the next generations. Not sure as a species we are doing such a great job at that, but every act of kindness helps.

  6. Babette d'Yveine

    Happy New year, Dan. I look forward to more of your columns in 2013.
    I just hope that your respondents will try to be more civil in the new year. Maybe they could make that one of their resolutions.

  7. Happy New Year to all “06880-ers” and especially Dan “The Man”…keep up the good work and let’s enjoy a wonderful 2013

  8. U da BEST, Dan-Man.

    Keep blogging in 2013…makes me HAPPY;-)

  9. If we look at the now severely diminished culture of the
    Mayans- once a proud and mighty empire- perhaps they were right.

  10. Bart Shuldman

    Happy New Year Dan

  11. Another year of Woog! Yay! Always looking forward to what each year will bring.

  12. Here’s a sign that I post each year for the new year
    on my front hall table so I am reminded each day:

    I will do more than…
    Belong, I will participate
    Believe, I will practice
    Forgive, I will forget
    Teach, I will listen
    Be Fair, I will be kind
    Dream, I will work
    Earn, I will enrich
    Give, I will serve
    That there might be peace on earth and good will to all.

  13. Dear Dan:

    Happy New Year to you! I have enjoyed reading your blog and plan to follow again, and love all the interesting item that you blog about.
    @Rindy, thanks for your post, I am going to copy those same words and
    add them to my hallway for my husband and I to read and perhaps my
    9 year old as well. Thank you and may we all have the best year to be!

  14. Happy New Year and thanks for your valuable contributions, from one High Point Road product to another.

  15. A very Happy & Healthy New Year to you, Dan!

  16. Everyone should fire-up a large amount of gratitude for what we have as a collective group. Remember every single day is a gift, just don’t forget to open it. Peace and Love, eAz