Reflections: Rick Davis

Rick Davis is a native Westporter: Saugatuck Elementary School Class of 1975, Bedford Junior High 1978, Staples ’81.

Now he lives in Newtown — near the police station and cemetery, right on the town green. He’s heard the sirens, seen the media circus, and witnessed an amazing outpouring of support. A makeshift memorial sprouted on his corner, filled with teddy bears and lit by candles.

Rick Davis took this photo of the green in front of his house. The view is south, toward the town Christmas tree and cemetery. In the distance — on a bridge crossing a pond — a big red sign says, “Pray for Newtown.”

Newtown — like his hometown — is “an amazing place,” Rick says. “And even more so now.”

He writes:

My sister Nancy has been here for 30 years or so, my wife Beth and I settled her 20 years ago, and I often see many other transplanted Westporters at kids’ events, at church and around town.

Beth and I chose to put roots down in Newtown back in 1992 for several reasons, foremost being the close-knit community that reminded us of our old Westport and Fairfield days (where Beth grew up), and for the amazing school system. All 3 of our kids have gone through the schools here (2 are still in it), and not a day goes by that we are not grateful for the teachers, administrators and staff here.

We are all stunned, saddened and reeling from this senseless act upon our community. We know that in time, we’ll be stronger and closer because of it.

Newtown looks like Westport did years ago. This week, though, there are poignant memorials all around town.

As odd as it is to see hundreds of media trucks descend upon your town — imagine Anderson Cooper reporting from the Minuteman statue, satellite trucks filling up both sides of Main Street, or BBC news doing interviews at Oscar’s — seeing vigils taking place across the globe in honor of our town is humbling and comforting. We know that these students and families in Norway, Aurora, China and beyond have suffered so deeply themselves, and it is testimony to the fact that life goes on, albeit changed.

Please keep up the prayers and thoughts for those here in town who have lost their loved ones, and thank them for their support.

All the best,

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