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Andre’s Mother (And Ann’s Brother)

Years ago, Jonathan Sheffer wrote the music for the movie “Andre’s Mother.”

It was an American Playhouse production — and Lindsay Law, Staples Class of 1967, served as executive producer.

Written by Terence McNally and starring Richard Thomas, “Andre’s Mother” was one of Sheffer’s 1st film scores. The 1971 Staples grad went on to become a nationally renowned composer and conductor.

When his sister — Westport philanthropist Ann Sheffer — learned that the film will be screened this Thursday (Oct. 18, 7:30 p.m.) as part of Play With Your Food’s “Short Cuts” series, she told artistic director Carole Schweid. Carole invited Jonathan to speak immediately after the screening, at Norwalk’s Garden Cinema.

But this is Westport, and connections run even deeper than that. Last month, at the Westport Country Playhouse gala, Ann sat with — who else? — honoree Terence McNally, and co-host Richard Thomas. They remember Jonathan well — from everyone’s younger days — and are as thrilled as Ann that “Andre’s Mother” lives on.

Ann Sheffer (left) at last month’s Westport Country Playhouse gala with (from left) Richard Thomas, Nathan Lane, Tyne Daly and Terence McNally.

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