(Not So) Sweet Celebrations

An “06880” reader attended yesterday’s 5th grade graduation at Green’s Farms Elementary. When he was not riveted by the proceedings, he chatted with parents and teachers. One of the topics was a recent note sent from school district administrators, noting that cupcakes and sweets will no longer be allowed at birthday celebrations.

The alert reader writes:

While I am absolutely in favor of the move — for many reasons — it was pointed out that our friends at Great Cakes would now lose a big chunk of their business.

As a huge proponent of local merchants, this concerns me. I hope our friends at Great Cakes can figure out how to make up for the lost revenue. Maybe through creative marketing (“Birthdays just wouldn’t be the same without Great Healthy Cupcakes!”).

He also wonders if “06880” readers have any ideas for Great Cakes (or its sweet competitors). Click “Comments” (and send samples to me).

Is this the future for Bonnie and Rick at Great Cakes?

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