नमस्ते Thali, Hola Oaxaca

First there was pan-Asian. In February 2010 TaiPan went Indian.

Now Thali is changing cuisine. On or around January 12, the Compo Acres restaurant becomes Oaxaca Kitchen — a high-end Mexican bar and restaurant.

But the owner — Prasad Chirnomula — stays the same. Westport’s Oaxaca may be only the 2nd Indian-owned Mexican restaurant in the country.

Prasad’s New Haven Oaxaca might be the 1st.

Besides those 2, he owns Thalis in New Canaan, Ridgefield and 2 in New Haven (the 2nd one there is called Thali Too, ho ho).

Standing outside his old/new restaurant this morning, as the renovation progressed, Prasad said that perhaps having so many Indian restaurants in the area (including his own, not far away) hurt business.

But, he says, Westport is ready for a “high-end Mexican” place.

¡Buen provecho! ¡Buen apetito!

(Click here for menus from the New Haven Oaxaca restaurant.)

4 responses to “नमस्ते Thali, Hola Oaxaca

  1. Dennis Jackson

    Thali Ridgefield is one of our faves, but everything Prasad does seems to turn to gold!

  2. VETDOC at Compo

    Another good Mexican restaurant will SPICE up the variety in town.

    Best of luck with the new restauarant!

  3. Excellente! Oaxaca is famed for good eats. Check out this Taking the Kids travel diary — http://www.takingthekids.com/travel-diary/a-lesson-in-mexican-cooking-on-our-last-day-in-oaxaca/

  4. I love Mexican food, but I’m always a little wary of restaurants carving out the “high end Mexican” fare niche (it usually means less authenticity, and more money). Crossing my fingers that the food at the new place is good and delivers high-end value.