Parking Privileges

Pottery Barn is not the only one with dubious parking privileges in town.

An alert reader sent this photo —

along with this note:

Nado Paving has been illegally parking their machines and trucks under the Hillandale Bridge on the Sherwood Island Connector.  I have noticed this for 6 weeks now.

They were asked to move off of town property by P&Z when they housed these machines in the Imperial Avenue town lot all summer.

Now they have relocated to the connector, and also the underpass on Compo Road South.  They are using these properties to house their equipment and trucks so they can avoid the overhead cost of doing business around the area.  They are not housing them there for a job in that location.

They usually pack up early morning so nobody notices where they squat.

It is unfair to the businesses that reside in Westport and pay property taxes.   Why is Nado able to get away with housing them there? Westport Police say they cannot do anything about it because it is state property.

The State Police say that we must call when they are located in the spot, but nothing has been done yet.

Wow — talk about an alert “06880” reader!  I’ve also noticed those trucks, and wondered why there was no work in the area.  But I was not sharp enough to detect a nefarious, free-parking plot.

Now the word is out.  Let’s see how long the trucks stay.

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