Michele’s Pies Closing…

…but only while Michele prepares for the National Pie Contest in Orlando next week.

She’s open this weekend, then will shut down for a few days starting Monday, April 4.

If you miss her (and/or her pies), catch the “Today Show” on Friday, April 8.  Westport’s newest baking sensation will appear with Willard Scott.

Then it’s back to Connecticut and reopening on April 13.  Michele’s downtown grand opening is set for April 16 and 17.

We’re salivating already.

6 responses to “Michele’s Pies Closing…

  1. Siobhan Crise

    Michele’s cheesecake brownie is outstanding. Worth every calorie.

  2. Good headline. One day early 🙂

  3. I Like Pie.

  4. Have you had the Key Lime pie!!! It could not be better if they made it on the beach, under a lime tree in Florida. I could resist ice cream at the Baskin Robbins store, but Michele’s pies…no way; they are irresistible

  5. Really? Her pies are overpriced and she and her husband fight all the time. She’s incredibly fake and treats her employees like crap and is possibly breaking several labor laws. But please, enjoy those $30 pies!