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Any Old Movies?

The recent “06880” post about Westport’s way-cool 1934 aerial photos prompted one reader to write:

Amazing how rural the town was back then.  This reminded me that a long time ago, a local photographer told me he had old movies of Westport.  They included film shot from a car driving up and down the Post Road.  I can’t remember who he was (I think his studio was on South Compo, a block or two from the Post Road).

Have you ever heard of such movies?  Is there anything like that at the Westport Historical Society?  Perhaps you could ask your readers.  Someone must know about these.  Or have their own.

Someone must know.  And many Westporters must have movies, from the days when we actually filmed (rather than “videotaped”) our lives.

So the question becomes:  What next?  How can we (or who should) collect, organize and make available what must be a treasure trove of Westport film?

“06880” readers are a passionate, creative and (in a good way) obsessive bunch.  Click “Comments” if you’ve got a good idea about this project.

The Fine Arts Theatre is gone -- but it must live on in some old movies taken around town.

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