Gas Up?

What do you do if you’ve spilled millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf Coast, killed 11 workers, diminished the livelihood of thousands, and befouled the habitat for years to come?

If you’re BP you lop a few cents off each gallon of gas, and hope customers  pour in.

We spotted this sign at the BP station across from Blockbuster.

Will Westporters buy it?

80 responses to “Gas Up?

  1. Actually gas prices have been going down for the past couple of weeks, which is very unusual this time of year (due to people traveling for the summer) and the fact they have a ‘summer blend’ gas and as the supply begins to diminish the price goes up until after Labor Day.

    The reason then: No demand. People aren’t even driving for stay-cations.

    But on the other hand, Obama says, ‘It’s the summer of recovery’. If things don’t pick up soon he can claim (more accurately) ‘It’s the fall of recovery’.

  2. If it’s BP, I hope they’ll buy it. It’s a warped concept to think you can somehow hurt BP by hurting the local small merchant who had nothing to do with the Gulf spill. He’s just a franchisee, like the guy that runs McDonalds. And it’s naive to think that buying a few gallons of gas from another station is somehow going to punish a huge corporation like BP.

    • The Dude Abides

      Mr. Singer: It is hardly naive. Talk to a gas station owner. Their profit margin is minimal with the wholesaler and producer reaping the benefits. Certainly you can hurt BP by not buying their gas. And as Mr. Raho aptly describes, with his usual politcal overtones, demand is down. But little do consumers realize that the federal government subsidizes the oil and gas industry with a 10 billion annual stipend. Thus, your gallon of gas is really costing you close to 15 bucks a gallon.

    • Oil is a fungible commodity. It doesn’t matter whether gas is bought from BP or Exxon. As long as the aggregate demand for oil stays the same, both companies will realize the same price for their oil. The oil BP does not sell in the US, it can sell in China, or India, or Germany.

  3. The Dude Abides

    If the spill had happened in Long Island Sound, that BP station would be out of business. Period. This is not the first time either for the British bandits. They blew up a Texas plant in Texas City and a big spill was in the tundra in Alaska. I like Brad Pitt’s (who is single-handedly rebuilding the 9th ward in New Orleans) comment: “I was against the death penalty until the BP spill. I am reconsidering it now.” Boycott the bastards!!! Buy your gas elsewhere.

  4. Mr. TDA, you make a convincing case for punishing BP, but none for punishing the local merchant. And even if there’s a huge boycott on buying BP gas ( which we both know is not going to happen), and the BP station doesn’t need all the gas in the BP trailer, the trailer will just dump it at the no-name
    gas station (Vallue, Save-On etc). Tell the stock holders to sell, but tell consumers to buy.

    • The Dude Abides

      Mr. Singer: You are right. I do feel for the local merchant and I have actually gotten to know some of the BP-Post Road employees. Nice bunch of people. What I don’t like is the cavalier attitude of many locals toward what is happening in Louisiana. Much like our discussion on the half-staff flags, there is an apathy about anything that does not affect them personally. I believe you once called it the “me” generation. Old town Westport, who protested a nuclear site on Kokeenhe (sp?) Island, the Nike site off North Avenue, Vietnam and anything else that got their hair dangled, is gone.
      I miss it. I remain idealistic to the extent that a grass roots effort can make a difference but that sense is diminishing as quickly as the habitat in the Gult Coast.

      • Dude,
        You must not be smoking up tonight; you’re starting to make sense. Even this grass roots effort talk, sounds like I might see you at the next Tea Party! Right on Dude!
        I’m heading down to D.C. on my motorcycle this weekend, why don’t you join me. It’ll be a Easy Rider thing, I’ll let you be Captain America and I’ll be Billy.
        We want to be free, to do what we want to do…

  5. Since we’re talk about the Gulf oil spill:
    Even Spike Lee had to call B.S. on the White House for their claim 75% of the oil is gone.

    By the way, even if it were true, at 25% of the oil, that’s still 4 times the oil of the Valdez spill in Prince William Sound.
    And that’s if you believe the White House (their claim, not mine – don’t shoot the messenger).

    Oh, and another inconvenient truth – Obama has taken more money from B.P. then any other politician, but I’m sure that won’t affect any decisions or pose a conflict of interest.

  6. The Dude Abides

    Mr. Raho: The Coast Guard Admiral who is now in charge, states that nearly 26% of the oil is still “unaccountable.” I am not sure Obama is the culprit here. The government agency, created after the spill in Santa Barbara in ’69, was in charge of supervising the safety of the rigs while they were collecting revenue from major oil companies. Bush ’43 made sure that there was a “hands off” policy on their regulation and they were continually “wined and dined” by big oil. Washington politics as usual. It is true that Obama has taken much money from BP as well as Goldman Sachs. But all politicians do so. If you have an alternative candidate, John, I am listening. I don’t see any one on the horizon unless we can dig up Teddy Roosevelt and somehow revive him.

  7. Some people talk about gasoline prices. Others talk politics. Go figure.

    If you want to boycott a gasoline brand, I recommend Citgo, which is marketed in the USA by the Venezuelan state petroleum company. Buying Citgo puts money in the hands of Venezuelan wannabe dictator Hugo Chavez

  8. The Dude Abides

    Citgo also donated millions of barrels of heating oil to the homeless here in America. And I think that we learned from the our nation building efforts in the Middle East, that a dictator is not always a bad thing. Comparing Citgo with BP’s sins is moronic.

  9. Such indignation!!! The MSM’s are out in force. Where were all of you BP bashers during the last 37 years when our government mangled energy policy? Of course BP screwed up, but why are we drilling in 5000 feet of water? Who set the stage for the oil spill? It appears the average Westporter has not learned how to ask the right questions.

  10. The Dude Abides

    Many of us were well aware of the lack of energy policy and the manipulation of facts by the oil companies back in the 1970’s when we stood in line waiting for gas when there were ample oil supplies. But BP screw ups go well beyond those of deep water drilling. The Texas City explosion was pure negligence as well as the spill in the Alaska tundra. BP’s accident record far exceeds that of Exxon or any of the other major oil companies. I am not sure why you see this as any new indignation, Jeffxs. But instead of looking to the past and saying: “I told you so,” some of us are saying enough is enough. “Why” is not the proper question. “When” are we going to wake up is really the appropriate inquiry.

    • The gas lines were a direct result of government policies, and not a function of “manipulation.” The Japanese did not have a gas “shortage”. The Germans did not have a gas “shortage”, but then, their governments did not try and control the price and distribution of oil. The French built more nuclear power plants, and how did we respond? We elected nitwits who ran around in circles until they got dizzy and fell down, all the while they interfered with the market mechanisms that would have mitigated the oil “shortage” which was their own creation.

      • The Dude Abides

        As I noted, I am well aware that there was no shortage of gasoline in the 1970’s. My father-in-law was a trader and said there were readily available supplies. It was a run on the bank. I was also in the “oil patch” in Houston for the Carter, Reagan and Bush ’41 administration and saw the government look the other way on any regulation of oil service or oil/gas drilling. You are absolutely correct in the lack of energy policy. But as you also know, big oil is huge money. Makes Wall Street look like a bunch of small time bookies. Thus, in today’s world, politics is dictated by money and it will continue. On a sidenote, I laugh at all the people on this blog that worry about the small time Westport merchant. Where were they when Timmy Purcell, a four generation Westport enterpreneur, couldn’t sell much gasoline at Christie’s and just recently had to pull his pumps??? BP-Westport does well because of its location. They are a nice family that runs it but they are pawns for a nasty, negligent corporate giant that needs to be taken down and I know Justice will do little. Thus, my only solution is not to buy BP product. On your last sentence, after 40 years of building roads in our major cities, the “nitwits” have figured out that there will never be enough road for the number of cars. They are now turning to “rail” in Houston and Detroit. Just plain ADD idiots with no vision.

  11. I remember reading an article on a while ago reporting that most BP gas stations were locally owned and where in fact NOT owned by BP. The article then discussed the importance of not boycotting BP gas stations because most of the BP gas station owners and simply using the name to support their families. While BP may have committed negligence, individual families should not have to suffer because of them. Support the Westport BP! I filled up today and they are always nice and pleasant.

    • The Dude Abides

      Most gas stations today are privately owned and operated. However, they are outlets for the refined gasoline of their supplier. In this case, BP. As pointed out above, the profit margin is slim with most of the revenue going to the supplier. In this case, BP. So continue with your support of BP Westport who needs to sell wooden bears to make ends meet. Meanwhile, BP Corporate will continue with their negligence ways and huge profits. Nothing will change but the Gulf Coast marsh land and the generation of fisherman that will be lost. But, of course, that is Louisiana. Bunch of hillbillies, red necks. I guess those individual families don’t count? We Westporters have our pristine beaches and graduate degrees. We worry so much about the local merchants that Corporate America has taken over the town. You are right, Jeffxs. Morons.

  12. Dan… we are all repsonsible for the Spill. Those that ride bikes can carp without equivocation! The BP staff there is fabulous, and no more repsonsible than all of us. I try to go out of my way to thank them for their great service there.

  13. How do you think the bikes are made and brought to the location where they are sold? Made in a factory then presumably shipped in a truck. Then, the bike is picked up at the store in a car. Further, the clothes on thier backs, phone, TV, home, HVAC system, soap and shampoo, everything around that person was made with oil and shipped with oil. If they travel anywhere, unless they are just on walk-about around the country, they’ll need oil too. The computer from which we are all commenting was made and shipped with oil. Oil isn’t about whether or not you drive a car. Oil is in everything … EVERYTHING. I wrote the other day, unless you are living off the land naked, you are using oil. Whether or not you choose to punish BP is everyone’s individual choice. Individual choice is one of the things I love most about this beautiful country of ours. But, I can’t damn an industry that I use every day. And industry that feeds me, keeps me alive, puts a roof over my head, and puts clothes on my back. I, for one, am not prepared to live off the land nude! I’m much happier driving to a store to buy groceries, heating my home in the winter, wearing clothes, going out to dinner, enjoying a vacation, etc. I hope I’m not the only one ;))

    About deep water drilling, I heard on the news is was the Clinton administraton that approved it. If I’m wrong, I’m happy to be corrected! I’m not blasing democrats or Clinton, that’s just what was reported on the news when this atrocity first happened.

    It’s not a republican/democrat thing. It’s not a car/bike thing. Oil is everywhere, like it or not. We can do what we can as individuals to lessen the load, but it’s really not going to “hurt” the oil industry. Yes, clean energy! YES!! GREAT! But, it’s not here yet and I have no intention of living in a home without heat. This winter, I’d like the snow plows and sanders out! I’m pregnant and have every intention to being driven to a hospital to have my child with all of the modern advances. I’m going to the movies tonight, can’t do that without oil! I think I’ve rambled enough ;))

    Enjoy this beautiful day all.

    • Bravo! Bravo!
      I look forward to more of your comments.

    • Innocent Bystander

      Yes, Judi, there is a dependency on oil in this country. That dependency
      has caused many wars including the two that we remain. Both parties have continued with deep water drilling, which is expensive, but reaps large pools of oil. There are such things as alternative energy: electric cars, hybrids that get better mileage, solar heating and many many more. But we definitely want you happy so just continue with your every day life. Please no disruptions. But when that wonderful child you are baring goes off to war in 20 years to protect our country’s addiction to oil, don’t say no one cautioned you.

    • The Dude Abides

      Of course you are more comfortable. And that is why we don’t have an energy policy in this country and why soldiers are dying the Middle East. So folks like you can drive your SUV and burn electricity in your oversized houses. Even trade, right? Why should be you be inconvenienced by a little war??? How did they survive during World War II??? Ask you grandmother.

  14. John…

    Does this mean you’re going to DC to attend the I am the Dream Glenn Beckathon? Be sure to stay off the Green & Blue Metro lines! Actually, the people of DC will welcome you and your money, it’s a slow weekend before Labor Day.

    My daughter lives a few blocks from the Lincoln Memorial but I suspect she has other plans… like getting her nails done.

    • Hi Mary Ann,
      You’re funny, I actually got a chuckle from what you wrote.

      And yes, I’m going to Glenn Beck’s non-political, non-partisan ‘Restoring Honor’ rally. You’re welcome to join me…afterward we can all get a manicure 😉

  15. Innocent Bystander

    Has ANYONE figured out that perhaps BP is having a gas sale because the gas they are selling is recycled from the 75% they have recovered from the gas spill and recycled/refined to gasoline???? In college, I believe we called it “moose piss” gas. When your car starts a knockin, don’t be a talkin.

    • That ‘moose piss’ is ethanol. Another great idea from environmentalist who now have us burning the world’s food supply in lieu of oil.

      Oh, and it gets about 25% less per mile per gallon.

      • The Dude Abides

        BP does not sell ethanol. As suggested, it may just sell sludge from the Bayou.

        • All gas sold in Connecticut contains 10% ethanol, except at race tracks.

          • Innocent Bystander

            That’s what they want you to believe. The tanker driver has a corn dog and pees in the tank. That’s your 10%.

  16. Firstly, my husband is a veteran of the military and if my son or daughter chooses to join the military, I will support that choice. I am proud of my country, our flag, and support our fine military.

    Secondly, oil is not just about SUV’s and comfort. Maybe you didn’t understand what I wrote. I was simply saying we all use oil every day. I assume we all live in a home? (Someone mentioned wasting electricity to live in oversized houses – I live in an apartment.) How are our homes built? We all have electricity our homes? I shower, don’t we all? I drive to and from work, anyone else out there drive? I don’t think heating my home is a luxury, I’d like to stay alive in the winter and I don’t have a fireplace. I do laundry (I’m sure my husband wishes I did more, but I’ll tell him you guys all support my energy conservation by not doing it so often). I use AC in the summer when it’s extremely hot. I’m asthmatic, so I would rather cool off my home then end up in the hospital. Speaking of hospitals, they save a lot of lives, I’m pretty sure they use oil. Hey! How about that computer you use … I’m certain that was made and shipped with oil and it runs on something! If you use solar panels, that’s wonderful. How do you think they are made? How are they shipped? How are they installed? Electric cars are made in a factory, so you need oil to make them and ship them. How do you think factories are run? With oil. How do you think factory workers go to work? By car. Do you eat food? How is it brought to the store? Do you fly in a plane?

    Whatever steps anyone takes to reduce the amount of oil they use in their day to day lives is WONDERFUL. I repeat … WONDERFUL. The fact is you are still using oil. Until we are oil free, we will continue to use oil in one way or another.

    Please keep in mind, I only wrote very logical facts, some opinions, and in no way did I make judgements on anyone in this thread. For all the people following this thread, I’d like you to know I won’t place judgements on you. I won’t use nasty comments to try to prove a point. I won’t assume to know you. I will stick to the facts and do so in a kind way. I wasn’t brought up to judge people, nor was I brought up to disrepsect people because thier opinions differ from mine. The only thing anyone knows about me from my comments is I will heat my home this winter, I do live under a roof, I go to the grocery store, I like to go to the movies, etc. I thought all people in Westport drove and shopped at stores and lived in homes and heated them in the winter! If this is untrue, who are all these people on the road? Why am I always waiting in a line at CVS? Who lives in all these homes? Please do not assume to know me. Just so you know, I’m a born and bred Westport citizen with great pride in my home town, my family and my life. I am someone of great character and tolerance. It’s nice to meet you all as well.

    Thank you for your thoughts and contributing to this hot topic! Way to go Dan! It’s a good one!

    By the way, during WWII we used oil! How on earth do you think our tankers, planes, guns, warships, etc., were built? What do you think they were run on? Before that, and I’m SURE I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong, we slaughtered whales for oil. If I’m wrong about the whale comment, I’m sure I can expect to be corrected in a respectful and factual way, right?

  17. Judi, Judi, Judi…you’re good!

    And congratulations on your little one, he or she is in good hands.

  18. Thank you!! I love a good healthy and respectful debate. I love hearing others’ views. I have to play more often 😀

    I hope you are enjoying this fabulous day!

    • Judi, having a good debate is wonderful. But you have to know that several of the “players” here have noms de plume and take opposite sides to debate themselves. It’s not as much a true debate as you think. But it’s good to hear your thoughtful opinions. Someone fresh and new with a real name is refreshing.

  19. Innocent Bystander

    We are addicted to oil. You are right, it affects our every aspect of our life. We are dependent on our junkie Middle Easterner friends for our fix. That has and will create problems. There are alternatives including maximizing our domestic production of oil and alternative methods of energy. Unfortunately, no one in Washington sees the need to formulate a long term policy to consolidate these issues. Instead, and if I misread your blog entry I apologize, many are just content to continue with their level of comfort and disregard any long term vision. We have done this with our deficit, infrastructure, immigration and certainly pollution as evidenced by the BP disaster. I won’t be around for it but your child as well as mine will be. Thus, my sense of urgency and discourteous impatience for those who have no such concerns. My reference to World War II had to do with rationing of food and gasoline, sacrifices that hardly would be acceptable or tolerated today.

  20. I agree with you there! There is no tolerance to many, if ANY, hardships these days! I’ve had a job since I was 13 years old. Before that and while I worked, I cooked, cleaned, ironed and sewed for my allowance! My child will do the same. It the times of hardship that shows what we are made of – our sense of resolve and determination. The sense of entitlement I see these days is horrific, as are the manners (no please and thank you’s, very little eye contact, etc.). Oops, I’m off topic! I’m sorry I misread your blog about WWII! I’m just here on Dan Woog’s blog like everyone else … or are you all not avoiding work ;))

    Really, have a great day! I hope for better and far more efficient tomorrows … along with a good healthy work ethic, manners and NO sense of entitlement from future generations! We all want the same, and we all want to get there soon. For now, we just do what we can!

  21. Innocent Bystander

    Thanks for your cheer in a normally hostile although invigorating environment. It is a welcome relief for those of us spend the day in front of a computer trying to write something clever for a living.

  22. Stalin said that if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. Our government and the main stream media have been lying about all aspects of energy policy since 1973. The vast majority of oil reserves is not owned by oil companies, but by sovereign nations. Russia is thought to have more oil reserves than all of the nations of the ME. The price of oil is determined in a global market. It is not set by oil companies. The men who flew the planes into the WTC did not do so to raise the price of oil. The “wars” in which are engaged are part of a violent clash of civilizations, oil is a weapon in that war and our elected officials have done everything possible to enhance the effectiveness of oil as a weapon. If the US ever snaps out of this economic slump, oil will cross back over $100 a barrel in a NY minute, and our dependency on foreign oil will increase. Why? Because we have elected nitwits to make enery policy.

    • ‘Because we have elected nitwits to make energy policy.’
      Amen brother Jeffxs!

      And lets not forget about the cult of junk pseudo science declaring the debate is over. No need to look behind the curtain or question these truths they hold. Until their emails were reveled and it was learned how fraudulent the whole movement actually is, but I digress, the debate is settled…Big Al told me so, so just move along…nothing to see here.

      • Innocent Bystander

        Hotest summer in history of the hotest decade in history and you are questioning global warming?????????

        • Yes, yes I am.
          Since 1998 the temps have been going down. At least lets prove the theory and see if it holds up. Contrary to what you have been told, the debate is far from over.

          I only wished some had the cojones to stand up to Rachel Carson’s junk science and knee jerk reactionary environmentalist. Then millions of children would not have to suffer before dying. Now finally the WHO and the U.N. advocate using DDT.

          Aren’t you glad we questioned Global Cooling in the mid 70’s?

          Here’s a headline from today:

          But I’m sure it’s better if we just all move along and never question the man. Afterall he’s looking out for us, he has our best interest at heart.

          • John; the UN estimates that since the DDT ban, betwen 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 children have died needlessly from malaria EACH YEAR since the bad has been instituted. That would mean that tens of millions of children have died as a direct result of that particular piece of junk science, but no matter, they were by-and-large poor children whose skin color did not match ours. Environmentalism is an insidious form of genocide.

        • There is a difference between global warming and manmade global warming. While there is evidence that the earth has been warming and cooling for 600,000 years or so, there is no evidence that passes traditional tests of statistical significance to support the hypothesis that there is a cause and effect relationship between manmade gases and the temperature of the atmosphere. Those who claim otherwise, most often confuse causation and correlation. Moreover, the 10th and 11th centuries were much warmer than the last 150 years.

          • Conspicious Constipation

            Your supposition along with Mr. Raho’s disagreement refutes every acknowledged expert in the world. I can certainly scan the web and find any publication supporting any theory on any subject that I wish as Mr. Raho often does but I am surprised on your conclusion, Jeffxs. Certainly the pollution of emissions from Corporate America is not helping. Asthma has increased by 50% among kids in the past decade and when I grew up here, we never needed air conditioning. Now it is a near must. My personal experiences don’t correlate with your theory.

          • Oh, sure, it's getting cooler!

            My personal observations don’t agree with Jeffxs and John Raho’s views either. I feel as if I’m back in history saying the world isn’t round. Fine to have your opinions, but the burden of proof of intellectuals is definitely that global warming is a fact.

  23. Innocent Bystander

    Excellent summary of which many are very unfamiliar and/or disbelieving. As pointed out above, our govenment also subsidizes big oil to the tune of 10-12 billion dollars a year. Thus, the most profitable companies in America are given assistance to continue to our addiction to oil and cloud the issue that the consumer is actually paying 15 bucks a gallon vice 3. And also, I have been in the board rooms of big oil, and if you think Wall Streeters are arrogant, try bumping heads with an oil executive. But as seen above in the majority of comments, the average Joe just goes along for the ride never asking why the gallon dropped from 4 bucks to 2.50 two summers ago or the possibility of why there is a gas sale from the biggest polluter of the environement of modern times. Stupid is as stupid does.

  24. Gee Dan, sorry you couldn’t stir up any controversy with this blog. Can’t win ’em all.

    • Conspicious Constipation

      Mr. Singer: Interesting you mentioned above about going to the shareholders of BP for redemption as I read today that several hedge fund
      sluggers are selling short on BP debt and covering such with credit default swaps. Just like the sub-prime mess. Bust the Brit bubble bastards.

      • “Your supposition along with Mr. Raho’s disagreement refutes every acknowledged expert in the world.”

        You must have a very narrow world view. Do you really believe no other scientists have serious doubts about man-made global warming or have questioned its validity? I could give you countless scientist and studies, but it’s not worth the time since you’re so far gone.
        However, I find it interesting that when Jeffxs sites a study you don’t withdraw your ludicrous claim, but give anecdotal evidence about your asthma. I guess you can’t even acknowledge the study he sites and at least say, ‘I stand corrected’ or look into it at the very least. Nope, nothings going to change your mind – “I don’t need no stinking facts, I have my opinions and I’m stick’n with ’em”.

        Yeah, that’s it…you have asthma so there must be man-made global warming. That proves it, case closed. With such an open mind, nothing I could say or present to you could change your beliefs or way of thinking. Yet the irony is, you think I’m the one who is closed minded.

        Just curious, back in the ’70s when global cooling was all the rage, where did you stand on that one? Or do you only follow the church of Al Gore, and since he was in his basement inventing the Internet back then, I guess you just vote present on global cooling and don’t have an opinion either way.

        And now to really drive my liberal fans wild; I couldn’t post any comments earlier since I was down in D.C. listening to Sarah Palin at the Glenn Beck rally. According the mainstream media there were hundreds of people in attendance.
        So if they (the MSM) get that one wrong…what else may they have wrong? Hmmmm….(don’t let your heads explode).
        Lets just say, a little critical thinking goes a long way.

        And Jeffxs thanks for watching my back.

        • Cranky Old Man

          You seem to be having a very good conversation all by yourself Mr. Raho. You ask, then answer. You label, assume and then criticize. Much like your hero, Glenn Beck. I really have no opinion on global climate changes but I am interested. Jeffxs seems to know what he talking about as opposed to your wandering rhetoric and internet citing.

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  26. BP owns less than 2% of the BP branded gas/convenience stores in the U.S.

    There are over 10,000 BP franchises i the U.S.

    Owners have been reporting sales decreases of 10-40 %.

    There now, was that so difficult to acertain?

    • Conspicious Constipation

      Well, aren’t we smug. It doesn’t matter whether BP actually
      owns the station, they profit from providing the refined gasoline
      for them. In Exxon’s case, 90% of their domestic gasoline revenue
      comes from such outlets. I am glad to see they have been hurt with
      sales. They are throwing 20 billion at the spill which will affect the entire Louisiana area for generations and seem to think they need to spend millions on television ads telling how great a job they are doing. If they had spent that money on preventing the blowout or a procedure once it happened, everybody would be better off. We are worried about Al-Qaeda and the damn British are invading us again. Man the cannons at Compo!!!

  27. Agreed, Conspicious Constipation. For those who used the “B” word , if you feel the need to boycott something., be constructive. Boycott FOX news.

    • Another open and fair minded liberal that would prefer the people get one-sided and bias information.
      What exactly is it about Fox News that scares you Gary?

      • Cranky Old Man

        Mr.Singer does not appear to be scared of anything. I believe he was a combat veteran. Another assumption, Mr. Raho. To me, Fox News is all fluff and no substance. I respect O’Reilly but he, like all newsmen, are all about ratings. Every broadcast news department on television is part of the entertainment division of their corporate papa. They pursue ratings instead of the real news. It is a sad departure from the days of Edward R. Morrow.

        • So why pick on Fox, if your contention is they’re all bad? Just because Keith Obie names them ‘Worst Person of the Week’, doesn’t make it so.
          And for the record I’m not scared of an opposing view point. I listen to NPR everyday, read the NYT everyday and even the Huff ‘n Puff (I love that lady from Green Acres) along with Fox News and The Drudge Report, Michelle Malkin and one of my favorites

          Give them a try sometime, you might actually learn something new and have your view challenged and see another perspective.
          And it may even give you a heads up to better understanding what’s going to happen on November 2nd.

          Unless you’re so open minded you only want to hear your side.

          • Cranky Old Man

            Mr. Raho: I didn’t “pick” on Fox. It was the cornerstone of the conversation. I include all such news in my condemnation including Oberman who I find boring. But we have had this conversation before. I tend to think for myself without someone telling me what is or what is not worthy of my attention. I read a lot of books, rely on my own personal experiences and listen intensely to others who actually have experienced such news. My impression is that you are a media junkie — either on the tube or on the net — and that certainly is your priviledge. I just don’t find either very reliable or stimulating.

  28. Conspicious Constipation

    Mr. Singer: I don’t watch any news. Full throttle boycott.

  29. The Man Made Global warming hypothesis is the greatest scientific hoax since the Piltdown Man. Thousands of scientists have signed the Oregon Letter stating that the MMGW hypothesis has not been proven. However, science is not a popularity contest. Those who claim that there is a cause and effect relationship betwen manmade gases and global warming have no emperical evidence to support that claim. If every bit of ice at both poles were to melt, it might be evidence of global warming, but in and of itself it would not be evidence of a cause and effect relationship between manmade gases and global warming. As someone who has spent the last 40 years bulding mathematical models of complex processes, I know when someone is pissing on my foot and telling me it is raining. The MMGW hypothesis is not about science; it about power and money. Many VC firms depend on bellying up to the public trough for swill provided by MMGW cult.

  30. 31,000 scientists have signed the Oregon letter (petition). How can the MMGW cult members declare that all scientists agree that the MMGW is now established fact? Al Gore said it was? LOL

  31. Conspicious Constipation

    Okay so what is happening? We are polluting the hell out the air (I lived in
    southeast Texas for thirty years!) and this has no affect on our climate?

  32. Anecdotes are not evidence. Speculation is not proof of a cause and effect relationship between manmade gases and global warming. Anecdotes are not science. Correlation is not causation.

    • Conspicious Constipation

      You didn’t answer my question. Are you saying that the emissions
      by our automobiles, factories or whatever, have no effect on our
      global climate????

      • Are you saying that you can prove that emissions have any specific cause and effect relationship with global warming? Please, show me the empirical evidence of a specific cause and effect relationship between manmade gases and global warming that passes traditional tests of statistical significance. BTW it is not possible to prove a negative, so there’s a hint.

  33. How can I share this on Facebook, Dan?

    • There should be a “share this on Facebook” link at the bottom of the post (before the comments). If not, click on the title of the story (“Gas Up”), and scroll down to the bottom of the story. If it’s not there, just copy the URL (link) at the top of the page and paste it into whatever you’re writing about on Facebook. Thanks for sharing!

  34. “Scientists who want to attract attention to themselves, who want to attract great funding to themselves, have to (find a) way to scare the public . . . and this you can achieve only by making things bigger and more dangerous than they really are.”

    Petr Chylek
    (Professor of Physics and Atmospheric Science, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia)
    Commenting on reports by other researchers that Greenland’s glaciers are melting.
    (Halifax Chronicle-Herald, August 22, 2001) (8)

    “Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing — in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.”

    Tim Wirth , while U.S. Senator, Colorado.
    After a short stint as United Nations Under-Secretary for Global Affairs (4)
    he now serves as President, U.N. Foundation, created by Ted Turner and his $1 billion “gift”

    “No matter if the science is all phony, there are collateral environmental benefits…. Climate change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world.”

    Christine Stewart, former Minister of the Environment of Canada
    quote from the Calgary Herald, 1999

  35. Cranky Old Man

    You are still not answering the man’s question. Your rebuttal is worse than the politicians you seem to detest. Answer the guy’s inquiry: do the emissions from our automobiles, factories, cows farting or whatever affect the climate of the globe???????????????????????? If it is impossible to determine, say so without your wry sense of superiority. If the answer is no, take a stand. Why so defensive?? You scare off anybody who might just be listening.

    • You are not paying attention. He is asking that I prove a negative; it can’t be done. You can’t know if manmade gases have “no effect” on the climate. The question is foolish. Thus far, there is no evidence that passes traditional tests of statistical significance to support the MMGW hypothsis. In the future there may be such evidence, but then again, the irony of the MMGW hypothesis is that if the interaction between manmade gases and the climate is as the hypothesis sets forth, it is very unlikely that any such interaction can be demonstrated using empirical methods. Those who believe the hypothesis do so as a matter of faith.

      “Nobody is interested in solutions if they don’t think there’s a problem. Given that starting point, I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous (global warming) is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are…”

      former Vice President Al Gore
      (now, chairman and co-founder of Generation Investment Management–
      a London-based business that sells carbon credits)
      (in interview with Grist Magazine May 9, 2006, concerning his book, An Inconvenient Truth)

      “In the long run, the replacement of the precise and disciplined language of science by the misleading language of litigation and advocacy may be one of the more important sources of damage to society incurred in the current debate over global warming.”

      Dr. Richard S. Lindzen
      (leading climate and atmospheric science expert- MIT) (3)

  36. Cranky Old Man

    Thank you Jeffxs. I was paying attention but am not at the level of your understanding. It is an interesting issue with broad ramifications obviously. I appreciate your insight. Many of us without science backgrounds rely on the media who seemingly have already closed the book at the issue. Your ideas are refreshing.

    • Wait, wait…let me get this straight…you don’t have a science background so you just relied on the mainstream media to give you your misinformation? Is that what you’re saying? They told you the debate was settled, so you just accepted it? No questions asked.

      Even knowing it was a highly controversial hypothesis and a theory put forth by a has-been politician, you never thought to say, ‘hold on a minute let me look into this, let me see what all the to do is about’. I mean you had to know it was being questioned. At least tell me you were aware there were critics out there and of the economical ramifications of Cap ‘n Trade (Tax).

      No wonder the mainstream media feels so threatened by another view point. If they can tell an educated group of people something and they never question it…well, then you can pretty much control the masses.

      What happened to your generation? Remember: Question Authority?

      Good God man! If Katie Curic told you wolverines made good house pets would you believe that too?!

      • Cranky Old Man

        To be quite candid, I really don’t care that much. I have higher priorties in my life regarding other issues rather than debate of scientists that I barely understand, let alone argue. I was interested in Jeffxs response to CC’s open ended question. I thought it was pertinent and eventually, well answered. My generation sold out in the 80’s if you hadn’t noticed. Our only legacy will probably be the legalization of marijuna which I suggest you try to calm your intensity and argumentative posture. You come off as a wacko.

  37. That’s right, when all else fail call someone a wacko andvocate drugs to defend your point…and you’re the normal one.

  38. Cranky Old Man

    Mr. Raho: Another assumption. You would never make it in a court of law. I never said I was normal. And I am not defending anything. I have a curiousity about many things, Mr. Raho. The older I get, the more I realize the less I really know, even after 25 years of education. But I find in this quest for knowledge that many seem to know everything and are defensive/offensive about their opinions. I am very leery of such individuals and include you as a classic example.