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How’s Business?

Bill Brown and his cronies were trying to guess the oldest surviving business in town.

Bill guessed Beacon Electronics — but then realized it closed last year after a 60-year run.

Someone suggested Carvel — definitely a cool choice.

Boccanfuso has been around since 1957, though not at the same Post Road East location (near, coincidentally, Carvel).

Bill — who worked at the Westport Food Center on Main Street in the 1960s, which most definitely is not still in business — asked “06880” to name the oldest surviving business in town.

We punted.

What does “oldest surviving business in town” mean?

Is it the place that’s been in one spot the longest?  If so, the answer is probably a gas station.

Is it the place that’s been in one spot the longest — with the same owner?  That might be Westport Pizzeria or Mario’s?

What about Oscar’s, which is almost where it started in the 1950s — just a few doors down?

While Mitchells is in its 3rd location, it’s still on the Post Road.  And it’s on its 3rd generation of owners — that counts for something, right?

Does the Red Barn count?  It’s served diners on Wilton Road for over 50 years — but didn’t it close briefly before the Nisticos took over?

Feel free to nominate your own “oldest surviving business in town.”  Clink the “Comments” link at the top or bottom of this post — and include your definition of the term.

The Red Barn seems to have been around since before there were cameras. (Drawing by Sascha Maurer/Courtesy of

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