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Honoring The Nistico Name

Later this week, Saugatuck hosts the Italian Festival.  The location — across the street from the Nistico family’s old Arrow restaurant — is as Saugatuck (and Italian) as it gets.

But Lou Nistico was a man for all of Westport — not just Saugatuck — so it’s appropriate that this week he’s also being celebrated on North Avenue.

Thirty years ago, the athletic complex at his beloved Staples High School was named for Lou.  But the letters honoring the restaurateur/philanthropist/paisano fell into disrepair, and for a while now the signage almost disrespected the man.

Now — thanks to a fundraising effort spearheaded by John Lupton and the Class of 1966 — bold new lettering graces the newly painted north and south entrances.  Fittingly, the color is Staples blue.

Earlier last month, the same fundraising drive paid for lights to illuminate the stone “Staples High School” sign at the main entrance on North Avenue.  That sign is actually the lintel from the original building on Riverside Avenue — just down the street from the Arrow, and the Nistico home.

Lou would be very, very proud.

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