Castles Etc. In The Sand

Perfect weather made for perfect sand-building this afternoon — and homeless people couldn’t be happier.

The 9th annual “Castles in the Sand” drew more than 150 participants.  Hundreds of spectators admired their handiwork:  animals, mythical creatures, half-clad women, even a few castles.

The event raised thousands of dollars for Homes With Hope, which provides facilities and support services to homeless people.

A sand toad, and a ceramic one.

A Greek goddess.

Jeff Wieser (Homes With Hope CEO) and a lobster. These are not sand sculptures.

The Inn at Longshore (patio view). Scott Smith, chairman of the Longshore 50th anniversary committee, is on the right; he built this with his son (Cole Prowitt-Smith, middle), and RTM member Eileen Flug (left).

"Politics as Usual," say the shells. Yes, they all do have their heads in the sand.

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