She Loves ‘She Loves Me’

Janine Scotti just saw “She Loves Me” — the Westport Country Playhouse musical comedy that’s been extended through May 15.

Janine joins many theater-goers in raving about it.  “Delightful, romantic, funny, charming and nostalgic,” she says, channeling her inner Clive Barnes.

She loved the set, the costume, the music and lyrics — she says she “grinned from ear to ear,” starting the moment the curtain rose.

Janine — the owner of Da Pietro’s restaurant — loved “She Loves Me” so much, she’s even heading back for a matinee.  And taking her husband — the chef Pietro — out of the kitchen, for “a relaxing and rejuvenating” afternoon.

But wait — there’s more!

To prove to all of her neighbors how much she wants them to see the show, Janine is offering anyone who brings a “She Loves Me” ticket or ticket stub a free glass of wine or dessert (with the purchase of a Da Pietro’s lunch or dinner entree).

Talk about neighbors helping neighbors — what a great idea!

And if the Playhouse wants to reciprocate, maybe they can give a free brownie at intermission to any “She Loves Me” patron who shows a receipt from Da Pietro’s.

4 responses to “She Loves ‘She Loves Me’

  1. I agree with Janine Scotti, “She Loves Me” at the Westport Playhouse is the sweetest love story & the performances by each one was outstanding. Congratulations Playhouse…glad we have season tickets! Sincerely, Betty Lou Cummings

  2. Great show. The basis of the movie “You’ve Got Mail”, I believe.

  3. I saw this play and almost went to it again, it was unbelievable. There wasn’t a bad actor and the singing was phenomenal, the songs were catchy and the story was adorable. A ! Best playhouse performance I have ever seen, by FAR.

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