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Haiti Collection Snag — Any Solutions?

People in Haiti still need our help. (Photo credit: AP/Jorge Cruz)

“06880” reader Wendy Newton no longer lives in Westport.  But she read a recent post about a 1-day collection of important items for Haiti, and she wanted to help.  She packed up clothes, bedding — whatever she could find — to bring here.

Bad weather delayed her trip.  Now she’s learned that the collection has been almost too successful.

The shipper quoted a figure of $5,000 for the near-containerful of goods that is warehoused, ready for Winy Cedon to take to Haiti for distribution.  That’s almost $3,000 more than the initial projected cost.

Organizers are desperate to come up with a couple of fundraising ideas — or angels to make monetary donations.  Action is needed as quickly as possible.

“06880” readers are a creative, committed bunch.  Click the “Comments” tab at the top or bottom of this post to offer suggestions — or contact Karen Hube ( directly.

Getting a container filled with goods was the hard part.  Finding funds to get them to Haiti should be easy.

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